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Best reads of 2018

When I'm not writing, I'm generally reading. I read a lot - usually a book a day, sometimes more. No, I don't spend my entire day reading (I wish) but when I stop for coffee, when I'm in the loo (didn't you just want to know that?), before I get up in the morning, while I eat lunch, before I go to sleep ....I read hard copy books, I read eBooks, I listen to audio books. Fiction, non-fiction, research, romance, MM, MF, thrillers, horror, memoirs....

Anyhoo, I thought I'd share my favorites this year. These are not necessarily books or authors that were released this year - though most are - but ones that I encountered this year. There's no order to them and I'm sure I'm forgetting as many as I include.

Studying Men and Masculinities - David Buchbinder

No prizes for guessing I read this as part of my study programme and I now own a copy. I like it because rather than supplying me with all the answers, it makes me think about how I see men and how I define masculinity - something that is as important as how I see women and define femininity.

Purpose - Sue Fitzmaurice

Purpose by [Fitzmaurice, Sue]

I know Sue reasonably well and if you're looking for someone who can help you find your focus without wrapping it in unnecessary frills and bows that distract from the ... well Purpose...she's your gal.

Survival Instincts - May Dawney

Survival Instincts: A Dystopian Novel by [Dawney, May]

May is one of the most extraordinary writers I know. Survival Instincts is a Lesfic dystopian novel that needs to be on your list - you really won't be sorry. It's not a light, fluffy read - but it's worth every moment. My only regret is that if May gets the recognition she deserves as a writer, I'll lose a fabulous cover designer....

Gretel - Annalee Adams

Gretel: A blood-chilling serial killer thriller with a psychological twist by [Adams, Annalee]

Annalee is making a name for herself in horror/thriller/UF and quite rightly so. I'm hoping we'll see more of this type of story from her because it was so disturbingly good. If you're a fan of the creepier, more skin crawling type of story - Gretel is for you.

Teddy and His Bear - Andi James and Lila Wilde

Teddy and His Bear (Oh My! Book 1) by [James, Andi, Wilde, Lila]

Okay this is one of my favorite reads. It's sweet and funny and if you don't fall in love with Teddy - and Bear - then I need you to check your pulse. Teddy is funny, naughty, sweet, bratty, and just plain irresistible. Daddy kink without the age play and if you're looking for something in the niche to start out with, you really can't go wrong with this gorgeous debut novel.

My Kind of Man  - AG Silver

My Kind Of Man: An M/M age-play romance (HeavyLoad! Series Book 1) by [Silver, AG]

Another Daddy kink - this time with age play - My Kind of Man is beautifully written and I loved that Mikey and Callum's journey wasn't straightforward. The characters are lovely, the challenges are real, and the writing is superb.

Denver's Calling - JJ Harper

Denver's Calling (Cooper's Ridge Series Book 1) by [Harper, JJ]

JJ Harper is one of my favorite writers - she's also the more well known (for now) alter-ego of AG Silver. Denver's Calling was my first M/M/M book and I was hesitant....right up until I met Denver and frankly if I had my way JJ would just forever write Denver and his men for me. Keep your mind open and fall in love with these guys - you won't regret it.

Love It Like You Stole It - Ki Brightly

Love It Like You Stole It by [Brightly, Ki]

This one took me by surprise. Anyone who knows me knows that I can recognize exactly one car: the 67 Chevy Impala driven by the Winchesters. Anything else I know about cars i learned from Springsteen songs and I have it on good authority that he probably shouldn't be my go to resource. I read this in an afternoon and my wine glass was left untouched the whole time. A gem of a book with beautiful writing and characters.

Izzy's Boy - Viva Gold

Izzy's Boy (Woolf Tales Book 1) by [Gold, Viva]

Right then. Izzy's Boy. Viva had me hooked as soon as Adam appeared on the page - he's very tall, he has long hair, and he's the sub. He's quiet, he's vulnerable, he's sweet. Just take my damned money! And Izzy is  - hot, arrogant, stroppy, and devoted dom. Yes - this is pretty much my ideal pairing (seriously, if you don't know this about me we need to talk...) Viva pulls no punches and it's one of the few books that when I was finished I seriously felt like I'd run a marathon - in the very best possible way.

The Accidental Master Series  - MA Innes

The Accidental Master: A Puppy Play Romance by [Innes, M.A.]

M/M/M Puppy play. Yes, you heard me. M/M/M Puppy play. Now I'm going to be honest - in terms of writing, I think Shaw Montgomery/M A Innes has better books. Unconventional is extraordinary. In terms of characters....I'd struggle to find any who make me smile quite as much as Cooper and Sawyer and Jackson. This is the sweetest, most adorable feel-good trio on earth - and frankly if this book doesn't make you stop and rethink any preconceived ideas you may have about kink, nothing will. These guys are my "I'm feeling down and they'll cheer me up" guys. The audio version with Kenneth Obi reading is a delight - his voicing of Cooper is perfect.

Have you read any of these? Or have you got a book to recommend? Have you written one you'd like to recommend (don't be shy)? I'm going to try and do a post each Tuesday  with my favorites from the previous week. Happy reading!

(Yes, you can click on the titles to go through to the Amazon page for each one and no, I'm not getting paid to do this. In fact the authors have no idea I'm even writing this.)

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