The Beach House


Alex rests his beer bottle against his thigh and studies Ben through narrowed eyes before answering.
“Ben,” he asks, his voice low so Ben has to strain to hear, “are you hitting on me?”
“Depends,” Ben says, raising his bottle to his lips and taking a mouthful; green eyes locked on hazel.
“Whether that would be a problem or not.”
Surprise flits across Alex’s face, then he rocks back against the wall and laughs – this time it’s neither low nor quiet and Ben enjoys the view as he waits.
“Good answer,” Alex says.

The Beach House, Angelique Jurd ©2017


The Beach House is the first installment in The San Capistrano Series. It follows the story of a chance meeting between pediatraic nurse, Alex Davis, and lawyer, Ben Larsen, at a rock concert.

Alex is a shy, quiet man who loves his job and keeps to himself, the product of a judgemental and abusive upbringing. At a concert he meets Ben. Confident and comfortable with his life, Ben has only ever known unconditional acceptance in his family.

When Ben asks him out, Alex assumes it will be like every date he's had: casual and unimportant. He doesn't count on falling in love and having to finally accept that he can be happy.

Will Ben be enough to help Alex turn his back on a lifetime of rejection and when Ben needs Alex to help him face his own challenge, will he be able to?


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