Happy New Year

It’s here. It’s here. IT’S HERE. 2014 is finally here. And no, I have not had too much coffee. Or chocolate. Or champagne. Well okay I may have had a little but my good mood has nothing to do with any of them. Well okay very little to do with them. Mostly I am just straight out happy.


2013 was not A Great Year. It was not A Dreadful Year but it was not A Great Year. What springs to mind is a Buddhist phrase about daily life being a long, painful austerity. You know what I’m talking about – nothing is so major that you can run screaming for the hills but nothing is actually going according to plan. I spent most of 2013 running in place. I started a new job – which was good but not great. And for those of you cringing at my honesty – it is pretty safe to say everyone I work with agrees with my assessment of the situation. We are all working on changing it from Good to Great – so you know…

Single highlight

The single highlight of the year had to be that The Offspring had challenging but successful years. The Eldest turned 21, which is amazing for him and slightly disconcerting for me. I’m not at all sure where 21 years have gone let alone how I feel about being the mother of someone of that age. Of the young man in question I am, however, extremely proud. He has been in a committed relationship with a lovely young woman for two years and it is satisfying to see the way he treats her with respect and love.  And to top off the year, he was accepted into Teachers College and next month begins his journey to becoming a teacher.

The Middle Kid turned 15 and spent much of the year in his cave, responding as most 15-year-old boys do, in grunts. One for yes, two for no. At the end of what seemed a rather ordinary year, he turned in a school report that was Highly Commended, nothing short of exemplary and brought home a merit award for being a great school citizen. Seriously – he never fails to amaze and you just can’t help but love him.

As for The Youngest – and only girl – she had a rough year. A dyslexic who has to work twice as hard as her brothers to achieve the same results, Miss 13 is equipped with the combination of a quick mind and tongue and the inability to suffer fools at all, never mind lightly. It’s a lethal combination – especially at an age when every battle is a battle to both fight and win. To her credit she learned a lot of self-control and when report time came around had pulled every single subject up from Average to Excellent with results well above her age and expected level. Smart, sassy, and beautiful – what’s not to love?

I can not begin to tell you how proud of The Offspring I am.

To 2014

Well along with Mr 21 starting his degree in education, Mr 15 getting ready to sit his NCEA Level Three, and Miss 13 starting high school, I am beginning a degree in English Literature. I will be minoring in French and Religious Studies and I can not wait. I’m such a geek I’ve already got half of the reading list waiting in Narnia to get started.

Finish the damned thing

Oh yes that is high on the list – finishing the damned book. I’ve been saying that over and over and not actually doing it. A week ago I woke up and decided it was time to actually put my money where my proverbial mouth is and do it. No, it’s not a resolution. Yes, it is going to happen. No more shall be said until Draft One is actually f***ing well finished. Excuse me, I now need to ungrit my teeth.

And of course….

There is March 1 & 2 to look forward to. HE will be here. I am so excited about the Springsteen concert I can barely think straight (oh stop sniggering). All of The Offspring are coming to the second show and I have so many friends arriving to go to the shows with us, I’m a little dizzy at the thought. Dizzy in a great way I have to say.

Now before I sign off this little mind dump I want to say there are a few people I’ve not mentioned. To start with my mother and my two gorgeous sisters – my three favourite women on the planet. They have had really challenging years yet have always found time to make me smile and are always there when I need them – I’d be lost without them. I also have an amazing brother with a beautiful lady-love and the two most gorgeous sons on earth – but if I blogged about him, he’d break both my arms. I love him to bits – but I’m not risking it. And The Man of The House – TMoTH – who simply makes me smile and feel safe. Every single day. What more can a Buddhist Crazy Cat Chick with a Bruce obsession and a coffee-champagne-chocolate addiction who writes ask for right?

Have a great year everyone – and I’ll see you further on up the road.

Angelique Jurd, 2014, Happy New Year

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  1. Karen says:

    Happy New Year Angelique

  2. Dana says:

    Hi Angelique – I’m in your SITS tribe this week. Between this post and your about me page, I’ve learned a lot about you and your family! Looking forward to connecting with you.

  3. Carolyn Y says:

    Hi Angelique, I’m also in your SITS tribe. I enjoyed looking through this post and site. I look forward to getting to know you more!

  4. Hello Angelique, I’m Cherith and I’m in your SITS tribe! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and getting connected with you in the blogosphere! Looking forward to reading more of you posts!

  5. Ashley says:

    Hey Angelique! First, I love your name! It is so beautiful. I am another member of your SITS tribe and I look forward to connecting with you this week!

  6. jael007Jen says:

    Angelique, sounds like you have an amazing family! Kudos on all the accomplishments. I’m Jen and one of your #SITSBlogging Tribe Sisters as well. I hope you have a wonderful 2014! Looking forward to getting to know you and support you in any way I can. 😉

  7. Tonya says:

    Hi! I’m one of your SITS Blogging Tribe members. I’m trying to finish a book this year too. Good luck to you and I hope you are able to get it done this year!

  8. Wishing you a Happy New Year! I hope the book writing goes well. You sound very determined and I wish you the best of luck. :)

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