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Meet …Hunter and Noah

Hey everyone - welcome back to The Blog. Tonight we have Hunter and Noah with us. Hunter, I'm sure you remember, is a veterinarian and Noah is a civil engineer. Please make them feel welcome.

AJ: Hi guys. Sit down. How are you?

Hunter: All good here. Thanks for having us.

(Hunter is wearing black jeans and a flannel shirt. He's let his beard grow back. Noah is wearing gray linen pants and a black shirt, rolled to his elbows.)

Noah: Yeah thanks. I've never done anything like this.

AJ: Just relax. Before we go any further, I think congratulations are in order.

Noah (blushing): Oh you've heard. Thank you.

AJ: So who did it? Who proposed?

Noah (jerks his head toward Hunter): He did. Down on one knee and everything.

Hunter: Hey if you're going to do it, you do it right. Know what I mean?

AJ: And a winter wedding?  Still the plan?

Hunter: Yeah. No snakes.

Noah (twists to look at him): You know you're not as funny as you think you are, right?

Hunter(grinning): And yet, you love me. Must be doing something right.

Noah: Mmmmmm.

AJ : How is your hand, Noah?'

Noah: It's good. No lasting damage. Not in any hurry to repeat it though.

Hunter: Not much danger where we're living babe.

AJ: So you're still in Chicago? (Both guys nod. Noah looks a little happier than Hunter about the idea).  Have you set up a new clinic Hunter?

Hunter:  No. I'm working with a franchise service as a senior vet while we figure out what to do. Not many horses and things in the city. (He looks wistful) I'd quite like to open a clinic for family pets though.

Noah: You'll figure it out. (Rubs Hunter's arm)

AJ: Speaking of pets, how are Daisy and Rosie?

Noah: That cat is a menace! You know she destroyed our Christmas tree, right?

AJ: I had heard.

Noah: And I swear she pees in my shoes on purpose.

Hunter: Once. She peed in your shoe once. And compared to the number of shoes, belts, pillows, and books your demented dog has eaten, that's nothing.

Noah: Daisy is only a baby.

Hunter: A spoiled baby.

Noah: She is not spoiled. She's just - mmph.

Hunter (puts his hand over Noah's mouth): You're making excuses for her again. (snatches hand away and wipes it on his jeans) No! Bad Noah! No licking during interviews.

AJ (clearing throat): Uh....back to living in the city. (Noah is smirking). How are you finding apartment living Hunter?

Hunter: Cramped.

Noah: That's because you're a slob. You know those black plastic things hanging in the closet? Your clothes are supposed to go on those, not on the floor.

Hunter: Yes dear.

Noah: And there's this thing in the cupboard called an iron.

Hunter (grinning): Funny thing, most animals don't care if I've ironed my shirt.

Noah: I care.

Hunter (kisses his cheek): Yes dear.

(Noah mutters something I don't catch about how funny Hunter isn't.)

AJ: Would you have any more pets yourselves?

Hunter: Maybe if we ever buy a house rather than live in an apartment.

Noah: You want to buy a house?

Hunter: Don't you?

Noah: Well, we have the apartment so you know.

Hunter: You have the apartment. (Noah looks like he's about to protest and Hunter holds his hand up and speaks quietly). No. Bad Noah. I'm not complaining. I love the apartment but one day, maybe a house would be good. We could have pets and somewhere for you to do woodwork and who knows maybe....

Noah: Maybe what? (Hunter shrugs and says nothing) Really? That's something you want to do? Together?

Hunter: No, you dork. With someone else. (He clears his throat) Now's not really the time or place to discuss it though.

AJ: Oh don't mind me. The readers would love to know I'm sure.

Noah (looking a little shell shocked): Uh well when we know I'll call you.

AJ: Do you get back to Newton much?

Noah: We were down last month to see Hunter's parents.

Hunter: It was hard at first but it's okay. As long as we stay away from the snakes.

(Noah rolls his eyes)

AJ: Noah when we were talking earlier you mentioned that we might want to meet some friends of yours.

Noah: Oh yes. There's a friend of mine, Rick. He has a new partner who I think you'd like. But also one of the guys I work with - Glenn - you'd love him and his new partner.

AJ: Is Rick the guy Maisie works for? I've been talking to Maisie.

Hunter: Yes. Maisie is great - I hope you get to tell their story one day and maybe Glenn's.

AJ: Well maybe you can introduce me to Glenn and we can look into that. Before we go what do you love about Noah?

Hunter: He's not me. I know that sounds ridiculous (Noah makes a snorting sound) but basically I have this bad habit of settling into a holding pattern and Noah doesn't do that. He doesn't just settle. He's practical and organized and he faces life. Even when there's a bump in the road, he does something.

Noah:  Most people call it running away.

Hunter: Well the last time you ran away, you found me so how bad can it be?

Noah: Good point.

AJ: Noah, what about you? What is it you love about Hunter?

Noah: There something solid and safe about Hunter. I don't doubt myself when I'm with him. I feel like anything is possible when we're together. He never panics; he stays calm. I always know where I am with him.

Hunter: God, I sound boring.

Noah: No, babe. Never boring.

AJ: Well I think that's all we have time for this round. If anyone has any questions can they leave them for you?

Hunter: Sure. And don't forget to get in touch with Rick  - he's good people.


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  1. Penny Tsallos says:

    Love the cheeky banter between Hunter and Noah. Please continue with Daisy and Rosie’s antics. I have a yellow lab named Marco and when I read what Daisy has gotten up to I can’t help but laugh. I used the excuse that he just had an inquisitive nature and personality. Woke up one morning and he had chewed and ripped the seating of 4 of the deck chairs.

    1. Angelique Jurd says:

      We used to have a yellow lab named Barney and a black lab named Fitzy (both crossed the bridge 7 years ago – within a month of each other. Barney (yellow) was especially naughty and I drew on his behaviour for Daisy. Hunter’s cat, Rosie, is a direct portrayal of my daughter’s cat Rosie – she died Christmas before last but until then she ruled the house with an iron paw and a very haughty look. We should be hearing from Hunter and Noah again later in the year in Boris Blue 🙂

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