Meet… Jesse and Drew

Hey everyone, welcome back. Today we have two very special guests joining us to celebrate the one year anniversary of their story.

AJ: Hi Drew, is Jesse okay?

Drew: Yeah, he's just a little nervous. He wore his wedding suit for you guys though.

(Drew is wearing jeans and a plain blue button-down shirt. His hair is in a ponytail and he has new glasses.)

(Jesse peeks out from behind Drew's back and when Drew reaches back to put his arm around him, steps forward. He's wearing a simple gray suit with a white shirt and looks lovely.)

AJ: Hi Jesse. Welcome to The Blog. I like your suit.

Jesse (shoves his hand in his pocket): I bought it when Drew and I got married. I wore a tie too but Drew said I didn't need one today.

AJ: No you don't need a tie for us. I think you might have bought your mini-Wicket though didn't you?

(Jesse nods)

AJ: Great. Lots of people have something like Wicket, you know. So is it okay if we ask you some questions?

Drew (kisses the side of Jesse's head): Jess? You good?

Jesse: Yes. But if I don't understand can Drew help me?

AJ: Of course. So, Drew how are you enjoying the new house?

Drew: It's great having some space, especially with the brats.

Jesse (smacks Drew's arm): Don't call them brats.

AJ: Brats?'

Jesse: Drew has a cat called Scamp. He says she's mine too because we're married but she was his first. She's little but she loves big. And we have a dog. A but she's still a baby and sometimes she makes mistakes. It's not her fault.

Drew (raises an eyebrow): It was her fault when she ate my book.

Jesse: Well you shouldn't leave your things everywhere. If you'd put it on the shelf, she wouldn't have been able to eat it.

Drew (laughing): I thought I was coming straight back or I would have.

Jesse: That's not her fault. I just asked you to pass me some more soap. You're the one who -

Drew (gives Jesse a warning look): Jess! Filter!

(Jesse looks at Drew for a moment then turns a beautiful smile in my direction. His eyes are full of mischief; I think Drew should be careful.)

Jesse: He decided to wash my back.

AJ (trying to not laugh at Drew's face): I see. That must have been ... nice.

Jesse: It was.

Drew: Behave. Both of you.

AJ: Jesse, tell me more about your dog.

Jesse (still grinning): Drew bought her for me when we moved into our house. I named her Sadie so we have Sadie and Scamp. And they're not brats.

AJ: Does she go to work with you on the farm?

Jesse: Yes. Frank and Brenda have a Leonberger too. George. He's like a real life Wicket. Frank doesn't think Sadie will be as big.

Drew: Thank goodness.

Jesse: But sometimes if we are really busy I have to leave her at home because she's young and doesn't know what to do. (He looks wistful) I miss her when I don't take her.

Drew: I see how it is.

Jesse (eyes wide): I miss you when you're at work but I can call you and talk to you. Or come and see you if Frank is going to town and there's not much work. But I can't call Sadie and Scamp.

Drew (slips his arm around Jesse's shoulders): Dork. I'm teasing you.

AJ: Drew, what about your new job? How is that going?

Drew: It's great. I'm doing some courses at the college and we've got a couple of classes going now for kids who have similar challenges to Jesse. Kids who are neurodiverse or who have anxiety or are dyslexic. It's challenging but it's great.

Jesse: People think if you're on the (he glances at Drew and doesn't seem to realize he's taken Wicket out of his pocket and is rubbing it with his finger)what's that word, Drew?

Drew: Spectrum

Jesse: Yeah. People think if you're on the spectrum you're stupid and can't learn things. Or that you can't love someone. Or be loved. Drew loves me and I'm on the spectrum and have all kinds of other things wrong with me.

Drew: There's nothing wrong with you darlin'.

Jesse: I know but some people don't know that. I have a job and before we bought our house, I had my own apartment. Then I met Drew and I love him and we got married. And some people think he's like a...a... like (he frowns) a guardian but he's not. We're really married and we really love each other. (He leans forward) We have sex.

Drew (groans): Jess! Filter.

Jesse (turns toward him): No, people should know. They think people like me don't have sex but we do.

(Drew's very red now but Jesse doesn't seem prepared to let him off the hook. Drew leans forward and kisses Jesse gently)

Jesse: People like me are just like everyone else - we have jobs, we fall in love, we have sex. We just do stuff differently is all. Drew helps kids like me to learn and I think that's really important.

AJ: You're right, Jesse, it is. Do you still see your friend Dr Sutton?

(Jesse's face lights up and he nods)

Drew: Martin was here for lunch last weekend with his wife.

Jesse: They're having a baby.

Drew (chuckles): I think Jess is more excited than Martin.

AJ: Do you like the idea of a baby to cuddle, Jesse?

Jesse: Yes. Babies are cool. I don't think Drew and I should have one because we have Sadie and Scamp and because well I think Drew has enough to do looking after me, but seeing other people's babies is fun. Except when they're stinky. (He thinks for a minute then turns to Drew) Do you think Mandy and her boyfriend will have a baby?

Drew: Oh God I hope not, darlin'. And I would suggest you not ask my sister that question. (Jesse opens his mouth and Drew shakes his head) I'll explain later.

AJ: Good idea. Drew, can I ask you - since Jesse has mentioned this more than once - what do you love about Jesse?

Drew (smiling): Jesse always sees the good in the world. He's funny. He's cute. And he has the best smile in the world.

AJ: He does. Jesse, what do you love about Drew?

Jesse (puts his head on Drew's shoulder): He loves me just as I am.

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