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Meet… Lucas and Connor

Welcome everyone. Today on The Blog we are talking to Lucas and Connor. You may remember they have a bar in the city named Eagles and they're engaged to be married. So let's not waste any time.

AJ: Lucas, Connor, it's nice to meet you . Please, sit down. Lucas is that chair okay?

Lucas: Yeah, it's fine. Thanks. (Smacks Connor's leg with the back of his hand) Stop fussing. I'm fine.

Connor: He always says that.

Lucas: I always say it because I'm always fine.

(Connor by the way is wearing cargo pants and a t-shirt with a stag on it that says "Oh Deer! I'm Queer", and Lucas is in jeans and a denim shirt.)

AJ: Right so the Cocktails and Denim group are very eager to know how things are going since your surgery, Lucas? Have you completed it or do you still have more to go?

Lucas: Most of it is done. Some of the smaller patches still need some work but I don't know if I'm going to bother. (Turns to Connor) Don't start. We've had this conversation. I don't care about the small ones. (Turns back to me)Ignore him. I'm pretty good. I have to wear the compression shirts for another few months but mostly I'm good. The pain is a lot less unless I'm really tired or cold, which you know...ironic.

Connor: You sleep a lot better too don't you ?

Lucas: Yeah I do.

AJ: Even with a puppy in the house?

(Both of them grin at me.)

Connor: Dawn - that's her name - has someone here wrapped around her paws. She's a little demon.

Lucas: I'm wrapped around her paws? Who's the one who feeds her his steak off his plate?

Connor: She's a growing girl, she was hungry.

Lucas (rolls his eyes): Uh huh. Of course she was. She's already big. She has these really huge paws (he holds his hands out to show me)and she's twice the size of all the other puppies at the dog park. She's really gentle though. Just a bit of a goof.

AJ: She sounds great. Any plans for more dogs? Or maybe a family?

(Lucas goes very quiet and stares at his hands).

Connor (licks his lips): Are you okay with me telling them, baby? (Lucas nods). You're sure? Okay. So you know we're getting married in June right? Well we made some inquiries and in March we are flying to Poland to adopt a little boy .

AJ: Wait. What? Really? I thought Lucas was going to be helping in the bar and learning the business side of things?

Lucas: I am. That hasn't changed. But instead of cutting my hours back at my current job, I'm going to resign. I'll do as much as I can from home and when I need to be in the bar, or if I need to work undisturbed, my mom is going to look after Leon.

AJ: Your mom?

Connor (laughs): Yeah she's come a long way from when we first met.

AJ: How old is he?

Connor: Leon? He's six months old now and will be eight months old when we get over there.

Lucas: We've been really lucky with getting the paperwork fast tracked and we're just really impatient to get him back here. (He glances at Connor, who nods.) He... there was a fire in their building and his parents were killed. (He licks his lips). Leon has some burns on his legs and buttocks.

AJ: Oh Lucas.

Connor: He's okay. I mean he's not okay but he will be. The burns could have been much, much worse b-

Lucas: They're bad enough.

Connor: I know baby. I just meant we're going to go and get him and bring him home and he's going to be fine.

Lucas: We don't know what impact the muscle damage will have on him being able to walk.

AJ: May I ask how this all came about?

Lucas: A friend of my mother's works at one of the international adoption agencies that facilitates adoptions. Leon's file came across her desk and she mentioned it to my mom. Mom called me and well... (He shrugs). I still have a chunk of the insurance money and some savings and hopefully I'll be able to really help grow the bar.

AJ: It sounds like you're excited.

Connor: It wasn't part of the plan but now that it's happening, yeah.  Next time you talk to us we'll be a complete family - a dog and a baby.

Lucas: And wedding rings.

AJ: So what are the plans for the bar?

Connor: Well obviously Lucas is going to take over the business side for which I'm really grateful because I hate the paperwork and he's really good at it. We're looking into getting a cabaret licence and maybe having a regular drag night.

AJ: All while you welcome a baby? You two are either brave or insane.

Lucas: Insane. Definitely insane. But I'm going to work up until the day before we leave for Poland and then when we come back I'll focus on getting Leon settled - we need to enroll him with a pediatrician and with specialists and  then just getting him used to us. So I'll focus on that for a few weeks  then start looking at the business.

Connor: Yeah and if you believe he's going to not try and do the business stuff as soon as we get back, then I have news for you.

Lucas: Shut up. Seriously though Leon is the most important thing. And getting married. And training Dawn to not pee in our bathroom.

Connor: See? Thinks he can do everything at once.

AJ: Uh huh. How are the wedding plans coming with all of this suddenly happening?

Lucas: Oh don't get him started.

Connor: It's awesome. We're holding it at the bar.

Lucas: Three guesses what my mother thought of that.

Connor: She loves the idea now that she and my mom are going to be looking after Leon for the whole thing.

AJ: Are your parents excited Connor? About the wedding and Leon?

Connor: Actually yeah. Our folks have met and get on really well. They're already buying too much stuff for Leon. I don't know where they think we live, but they're going to have to keep some of it at their places. Anyhow, we're having the wedding at the bar. Won't be huge but will be fun.

Lucas: I'm not sure but I think he's brought every roll of crepe paper in the city.

Connor: Gotta be pretty baby.

AJ: Is Dawn going to be there?

Lucas: Yeah. Chris and Phil will look after her and if she gets over excited, Chris will take her back to the apartment for us.

AJ: So the whole family will be there?

Lucas (blushing): Yeah.

AJ: Excited?

Lucas: Yes. (He glances at Connor).

Connor: Can't fucking wait.

AJ: Guys I think that's about all we have time for today. If we get any more questions we'll drop them in the comments so you can answer them, okay?

Connor: Yeah that would be good. Thanks for having us.


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  1. Viva Gold says:

    Well, I love these boys and then to read this and hear a baby is coming to them, got me all emotional. Add in the fact this baby was in a fire and that finished me off completely. Sobbing at my desk like an idiot… I think these characters have such depth with personalities and characteristics that make them so relatable, and you can’t help but feel a connection to them. I don’t care that they are fictional and that their lives are made up, because the emotions they evoke are very real. Angelique, this interview was both inspired and inspiring! xxx VIVA xxx

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