Published by Austin Macauley


Successful California based lawyer Ben Larsen is intrigued by the man he meets and strikes up conversation with at a summer U2 concert. Everything about pediatric nurse Alex Davis attracts Ben: his taste in music, his shoulder length curls, his smile, his hesitant manner, the way he plays constantly with a leather cuff on his left wrist, and the fact that he's taller than Ben's above average height. After the show, he asks Alex out; after some hesitation, Alex accepts.

Over time, as Ben gets to know the tall shy man, he comes to realize Alex is more than just reserved - he is terrified of any kind of close relationship. Little by little, he convinces Alex to share his story and discovers a history of emotional abuse, leaving Ben reeling in shock as he compares his own supportive upbringing to the hatred and rejection directed at Alex by his parents.

Determined to show Alex they are worth the fight, Ben refuses to give up and walk away. Two years later, Ben and Alex celebrate their two-year relationship as Ben quietly proposes and Alex accepts.

But when Ben is faced with the biggest challenge of his life, Alex’s anxiety and fears of rejection resurface, and their life together comes into question.

Can Alex be the man Ben believes he can be and help him face what is ahead? And what will happen when Alex’s mother learns of their plans to have a family, using a surrogate?

Contemporary Romance M/M


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