Wheres my money, Angelique Jurd

Where’s my money?

Many clients tell me they have a profitable business yet still they find themselves struggling to find the cash they need to grow. Sometimes they find it difficult to even pay their bills.

There are several things affecting your availability of cash:

  1. Spending cash you don’t have
  2. Confusing business and personal funds
  3. Your terms of trade (basic)
  4. Your debtor collection procedure

Now one and two can be easily solved with a little bit of self control and planning. Three and four however, always seem to be more complicated for the business owner to grasp.

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Erica James, A true English lady, Angelique Jurd

Erica James: A true English lady

by Angelique Jurd

About eighteen months ago,  I got the opportunity to interview English novelist,  Erica James . She was, if I may behave like a fan-girl for a moment, Very Cool. I originally published the interview over onJust Heard, Just Read, Just Seen; but since I found her story so inspirational I think she deserves a spot here.

The very first thing I noticed about  her was how tiny she is. Now I’m under five foot and I”m hardly a heavy weight, but I felt like a giant next to the petite writer from England.

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My Two Cents: Tattoos, Angelique Jurd

My two cents: tattoos

There was a time when body ink was the domain of prisoners, sailors (of the drunken variety), and gang members. Or at least that was the perception. To some extent, for many, it remains the perception.

“Why,” they wonder, often out loud and usually with a sneer in the direction of my own ink, “would you do that? Were you drunk?”

Let me answer that second question first and then the first, and then, if you’re interested I’ll give you my two cents on body ink. Continue reading

Sharing the love,Angelique Jurd

Sharing the love: blogging, business, and Bruce

One of the great things about writing and blogging is that it is essential you read. A LOT.  In fact, according to Stephen King:

“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the

time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.”

So with that in mind I thought I would start a new tradition here on The Blog called Friday Fun and share some blogs and sites I enjoy each week.
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Blogging, Angelique Jurd

My two cents: freelance writing

We’ve all seen them right? The ads and the emails and the websites and the Facebook memes that tell us how easy writing is. The millions we will earn penning that memoir. How fast the pennies will come rolling in off that blog.  Hell, I’ve seen at least a half-dozen since dinner.  And while we are all certain they must be scams, let’s be honest, there is still a little voice in the back our minds saying “well yeah but there are so many…and some people are making money…and that story about Aunt Gertrude and the fuzzy slipper was pretty funny.”

Uh huh – team, I’d like you to grab that cup of coffee or glass of champagne, pull the box of chocolates a little close and let’s have a wee chat about writing.
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Labrador Angelique Jurd

Letter to a Labrador

I wrote this a few years back, when the Slobradogs  (that’s Barney in the pic) were still this side of the Rainbow Bridge and helping The Moggy Mob to rule our lives. I wrote a similar piece about cats which I somewhat stupidly didn’t put my name and copyright on – and now when it pops up all over ye olde interwebs I can’t prove it’s mine. But trust me, I’m not making that mistake again…

Anyway, if you have –  or have had  – a dog of any breed, but especially a Slobradog, I am sure you will understand the inspiration behind this letter.
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Bruce Springsteen, Mt Smart Stadium, Angelique Jurd

It’s been a long time coming – Part Two

It has happened. Bruce Springsteen has played his two concerts, finally, at Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand. And, if anybody – anybody at all – had told me that March 1 , 2014 would be such an amazing night, I would not have believed them. Had they told me March 2 was going to top it hands down, I would have believed them even less. If at that point had they told me I would go on to become an even bigger Springsteen fan than I already was, I would have laughed in their face, scoffed “not possible”, and laughed some more.

Ha! Shows what I know. March 1 was amazing, March 2 was even more so and I am more of a fan than I ever was. Why? Well, grab a cup of coffee/glass of champagne/bar of chocolate, and get comfy – this may take a while.

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springsteen back in 2014

This Is Your Sword

Okay – there are exactly 20 sleeps until The Dude from New Jersey  plays his first show in New Zealand in 11 years. See? Can’t even get his name out. I have so much to say on this subject – I can’t even begin – so I shall kick things off tonight by linking to my favorite song on the new album:



If you’re interested I reviewed the new album over on Just Heard, Read, Seen

Maybe by tomorrow, I’ll be able to string two words together and talk about… The Dream Interview.

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