Blossoms & Bows

A Holiday Storybook Novella

Blossoms & Bows

With Valentine’s Day looming, things in Edelweiss Grove are about to get complicated. Especially for Leif Amias, Holder of the Bow – or as the world outside The Grove calls him, Cupid.

After running Andy over, Leif feels it’s only right that he take care of him while recovers. The fact that Andy is a Human shouldn’t be a problem. Right? But how is the high-strung Fae going to cope when he starts developing feelings for his charge?

With his extraordinary silver hair, his habit of talking to himself, and his love of butterflies, Leif is unlike anyone Andy has ever met. But how will he cope when he learns the truth about the beautiful man taking care of him?

Return to Edelweiss Grove with new friends and old for a story about learning to trust love.

Availablr on Amazon (including Kindle Unlimited) here.

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