Jesse’s Smile

Sometimes the most important thing in the world, is a smile.

Jesse’s Smile

When it comes to love – what is really important? Neurodiverse Jesse loves pop culture and the animals he cares for in the pet store. Drew is a high school teacher who has written a book on American poetry and loves Shakespeare and classical music.

Drew also has a history of making bad relationship choices. Until one day, he encounters an intriguing young man with a beautiful smile: Jesse.

How can their relationship survive when everyone around them constantly reminds them of the differences separating them? When one of Drew’s bad choices from the past shows up, it sets in motion a confusing and heartbreaking chain of events that tests their relationship.

How can Drew and Jesse prove to their friends and family that what brings them together is stronger than what sets them apart? Can they demonstrate that sometimes, when it comes to love, the most important thing in the world is a smile?

Jesse’s Smile is a standalone MM romance featuring a slight age gap, hurt/comfort, opposites who attract, and a very sweet young man finding love in a world that doesn’t consider him worthy of it.

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