People-driven stories.
slightly broken boys.



Angelique Jurd

Tattooed queer chick who swears, drinks coffee, talks to cats, and writes books.



Join Alex and Ben as they build a life together in San Capistrano, spend some time in a shop where people are more important than products, or lose yourself in the fantasy word of magic and mischief in Edelweiss Grove. My series are for everyone who loves recurring boys and (a bit more than) a touch of heat.


Alex is a shy, dedicated nurse who is used to rejection. Ben is a confident, up-and-coming lawyer who loves life. An ongoing series, San Capistrano tracks the pair as they build a life together. 

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When Sam Thurston buys a struggling sex-toy shop, little does he know it will become a haven for a group of friends all looking for acceptance. He certainly isn’t expecting to fall in love. 

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Elves are not so different to Humans. No pointy ears. No toadstool houses.Visit Edelweiss Grove, where Santa is sexy, Cupid is neurotic, and the Fae in charge of Easter is actually named… Easter Bunny. 

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Looking for something that stands on its own, offers lots of emotion, and isn’t scared to raise the heat from time to time? Grab one of my stand alone titles. Fix your favorite beverage and settle in for people driven stories with slightly broken boys. 



What people are saying about Angelique’s books:

“This was a wonderful book. I teared up several times. What a touching love story of two guys who fit together so perfectly. I loved it and wanted to keep reading about them when the book was done.”

Anna Johnson
Jesse’s Smile

“It’s been a while since I’ve read a book where I actually sobbed as I was reading it.  Although it was a short book, it didn’t skip on the depth of emotion and of character building which why I’m giving it 5 well deserved stars.

Douglas Scott Merrell
Belkin Lake

“Her FIRST book? This was her first book? Ms Jurd, I loved it. I have no idea why I waited so long to get to this series, but I’m reading it now, and like a lot of other readers, have fallen hard for these guys and their extended family . Seriously, thank you.”

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The Beach House

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Publishing, Pasta, and Prosecco

aka…Help Angel get to RAREFlorence. Being an indieauthor means you are self-employed, hands on, Do Everything In The Business. You are constantly doing something. Being an indie is no easy ride, trust me on this. I’ve been really lucky in that I’m able to write full time but do not for one minute assume this means I’m a *wealthy* indie author. Is the goal to write great books? Absolutely! Is it also to make a[…]

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Preorder: Hidden Storm (The Road to Rocktoberfest)

Back in April of this year (2023 for future travellers…) I was lucky enough to attend RAREMelbourne*. Whilst there I met the very lovely TL Travis who invited me to join a group project that has run successfully for the past couple of years – The Road to Rocktoberfest. Now, full disclosure TL issued this invitation whilst I was consuming mojitos at the Meet & Greet on the Friday evening. I would like the record[…]

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