For over a year now, it’s been the same thing. At six o’clock every night Connor starts watching the door for him. Like clockwork, every night the guy with the sad eyes comes into the bar, orders a single drink, and leaves again. He never speaks. Never smiles. Just drinks and leaves.
Until the night he orders a second drink and Connor finally gets him to speak.
After the brief conversation, Connor is more intrigued than ever – but it’s not until a chance meeting after work one evening that he even learns the guy’s name.
Two years ago, a fire left Lucas with emotional and physical scars he is still receiving treatment for. A year ago, his partner, unable to cope with the aftermath of the event, left him.
Battling nightmares, depression, and guilt, Lucas is turning more and more to vodka for company.
Until he drops his pizza order and the guy who steps in to help him is the cute bar tender who has been serving his drinks for the past year.
Can Connor understand the true horror of what happened to Lucas? Can Lucas accept Connor’s feelings and start looking to the future instead of the past?
Recovery is a stand-alone contemporary gay romance.

Available on Amazon (including Kindle Unlimited) here.

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