The Mason Jar

A disgraced actor. A grumpy diner owner. A nosy reporter. And… a bear.

A cocky Hollywood celebrity, in trouble with his studio again. A grumpy diner owner who likes his quiet life.
A meddling reporter determined to get a scoop.
And… a bear.

Flamboyant, arrogant, and no stranger to scandal, Rian Johns is as well known for leaving a mess behind him as he is for acting. When the police and the media catch him stoned and with his pants around his ankles, his manager sends him away to cool off and sober up.

After the death of his son’s mother, Mason came home to Cliffport to raise him. Owner of a small bar and grill, Mason has spent his time focused on his son and his business. Now, as he prepares for  Jake to leave for college, Mason enjoys a quiet life and likes it that way.

Right up until Rian Johns shatters the quiet, dragging Mason into a summer fling that is anything but calm. As the summer ends the two are forced to face the question: is it really just a fling? How can it possibly be more when they lead such different lives?

The Mason Jar is a standalone MM romance featuring opposites attracting, a steamy summer romance, and… a bear.

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