Tennessee Whiskey

Jackson Laws owns Outlaws Whiskey, a distillery in the small town of Acklen. Founded by Jackson’s great, great grandfather, the distillery has been the heart and lifeblood of the town for as long as anyone can remember. Lately though, things have been tough. The pandemic and harsh international tariffs are destroying cashflow and the business is on the edge of collapse. When Jackson arrives at work to find a banker waiting for him, he braces himself for the inevitable final fall of the axe.


Liam Bradford is known as the Metro City Bank Hitman. The bank sends him in when a longstanding client has run out of time and options. Officially, he’s there to investigate any possibility of salvaging a business. Unofficially, he’s supposed to begin the process of preparing the company for closure.Jackson isn’t ready to give up his distillery and family legacy. Something about his tenacity that gives Liam pause. When the sparks start flying in the bedroom as well as the boardroom, the two men discover they’re not as different as they had thought.


Can Jackson and Liam save the distillery and with it, Acklen? More importantly, is what is growing between them as bubbly and light as champagne or is it as smooth and strong as the beverage being distilled?Tennessee Whiskey is the first book in a gay romance trilogy set in Acklen, Tennessee. 



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