Hexes & Hugs

A Holiday Storybook Novella

Hexes& Hugs

With the New Year looming, the inhabitants of Edelweiss Grove discover that the Holder of the Spark – charged with infusing hope and joy into the celebration – has died. His son, Hamish – rightful successor to the title – is refusing to take his place.
When Rorik takes Light Elf, Simon Licht, with him to remind the new Holder of his responsibilities, nobody is prepared for what ensues.

Hamish Sgaile brings a new dimension to grumpiness – and if there is something he wants to do even less than be Holder of the Spark, it’s talk to the cute, blue eyed, excessively cheerful Elf on his doorstep.

Simon Licht might be on the small side – even for a Light Elf – but he makes up for it with a sunny smile and a sassy attitude. It will take more than a grouchy Spell Caster to scare him off.

Hexes & Hugs can be read as a stand alone novella but reader enjoyment will be enhanced by reading the series in order.

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