Naughty & Nice

A Holiday Storybook Novella

Naughty & Nice

Elves are not so different to Humans. No pointy ears. No toadstool houses. Boden is an ordinary Elf. An ordinary Elf who is good with computers. When his cousin refers him to a friend whose network has gone down, the last being he expects to encounter is … Rorik.

Rorik is a Holder. He’s a not so ordinary Elf. In fact, he’s very special Elf who ‘holds’ a very special role. One that involves a red suit and a sleigh. Because Humans use technology, Rorik also uses technology- and he hates it. He doesn’t however hate the cute geek who has just shown up to repair his network and whom he would very much like to get to know.

Unfortunately he promised this Elf’s cousin he would behave.

What will happen when Rorik, or if you prefer his official title Santa fudging Claus meets Boden – an Elf unlike any he’s ever met?

Meet the first couple from Edelweiss Grove, in Book 1 of The Holiday Storybook novellas in a Christmas story where Santa has never been so tempted….

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