Weddings & Wishes

A Holiday Storybook Novella

The most important being in Edelweiss Grove is getting married.
Rorik Eskildsen is marrying his beloved Boden. Not wanting to delay things any longer the happy couple announce the wedding date and it’s just twelve days away.
Rorik has hired one of the two best wedding planners in The Grove, Elf Freddie Keller. Unbeknown to him, Boden has hired the other one: Nymph Valentino Aldredge. With so little time ahead of them, the marital couple suggest the planners work together.
There’s just one problem.
Freddie and Valentino used to be partners – in business and in love. Eight years ago, to please his mother, Valentino left Freddie to marry Tybalt. They haven’t seen each other since the day Freddie rejected Valentino’s offer to set him up as his lover.

Neither of them has forgotten the other.
And Freddie, certainly has not forgiven.

Can they put their pain and anger behind them and pull of the most important wedding in Grove history? Will Valentino find the courage to finally tell Freddie the truth – and convince him, he’s worthy of a second chance?

Weddings & Wishes is a 30k word, second chances, MM fantasy romance that is part of The Holiday Storybook Novellas. It can be read as a stand alone but reader enjoyment will be definitely enhanced if read as part of the series.

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