Growing old disgracefully at The 5 Stags Whitford

October Goals

growing old disgracefully angelique jurd october goalsOh for pity’s sake, can we please slow the year down? September is already in the rear view mirror and I’m not done with freakin’ February yet. But October it is – like it or not – so it must be goal setting time again. Now let’s be clear here –  this organization thing isn’t my natural calling. So half the battle is actually getting the hang of using planners and diaries and lists – and yes, this is my way of saying I may not have achieved all of my September goals.


Time out with … Abigail Thomas

Growing old disgracefully Angelique Jurd Time Out with

Hey gang, I’d like you to meet another one of our up and coming, young bloggers, Abigail Thomas. The great thing about Abigail is she has a really heavy schedule that sometimes makes blogging a challenge but she keeps coming back to it – which is great inspiration for all of us – whether you’re a blogger, writer, entrepreneur, or mountain climber, you have to keep going. (more…)

Guest post: Shutting down your inner critic


I’m thrilled to welcome life coach Katie Swaney to Growing Old Disgracefully. Katie has kindly agreed to share some words of wisdom about shutting down that really annoying critic who takes up space in the back of your mind. I don’t know about yours, but mine is like a squirrel – a really, annoying rabid squirrel – yeah, yeah, I watch far too many Disney flicks, I know. Our inner critic, when behaving, can be helpful – it can help us avoid wearing the six inch heels out in snow (well most of the time anyway) but when it goes into overdrive, it’s bad news. So with no further ado, let’s hand it over Katie. (more…)

Spring has sprung – blogging live from Pine Harbour

So spring has sprung here in New Zealand and if that is not enough reason to celebrate, I was thrilled to discover that the traffic to this little old blog has doubled in less than a month. To celebrate I took myself, along with The Man of The House (TMoTH) and Miss 15 off to Kaiseki Restaurant at Pine Harbour Marina, here in Beachlands. Once there, TMoTH took over the camera and I recorded my very first video. Now, it’s only 55 seconds and is just a quick hello, but I hope you enjoy it. (more…)

Time out with … Fenna Blue

angelique jurd time out with Fenna BlueFenna Blue might possibly have the coolest named blog in cyberspace – The Honest Badger – and it would seem Fenna is as much fun as her website name. 

Hermione or Ginny: Will Harry Potter’s real heroine please stand up

Angelique Jurd Will Harry Potter's real heroine please stand upYou may (or may not) have noticed I’ve been AWOL for the past few days. You see, having decided to apply myself to this blog and actually experiencing some success – awwwwww guys, thank you – I got a really bad case of the chicken-itis. I’m quite sure I’m not the first writer or blogger  – or entrepreneur for that fact – to experience this, so I decided to just kick back with some coffee and chocolate and books for a few days and mull things over.

Here’s the thing: you know, and I know, I’m not a conventional blogger (hell, I’m not a conventional anything). I’m not ever going to be a fashion or style blogger, I’m too old to be a Mommy blogger (to the relief of The Offspring), and although my Crazy Cat and Cyber Chick statuses have both been established, I’m not really a typical example of either of those either.  I am however a pop culture junky – hell I’m doing a degree in English Literature and Media Studies with my focus on Modern American (film, music, literature…) And yet, aside from my occasional rambles about a certain rock singer from New Jersey and my tips on blogging, I don’t often write about any of that. Which, when you think about it, is really rather silly. Especially when my blog stats tell me those are the posts you guys like best. I can be a bit slow….but I’m on it now, gang.

So with no further ado – could Harry Potter’s real heroine please stand up?



Time out with …Mimi The Texas Homemaker

Angelique Jurd time out with mimi the texas homemakerThe best thing about blogging is the bloggers you meet from all over the world who blog about such a wide variety of topics. Today’s Time Out guest is Mimi The Texas Homemaker.

Time out with …. Liss

angelique jurd time out with lissToday we take time out with Australian lifestyle blogger, Liss from Life of Liss. Grab your coffee and find what blogging is like down under. (more…)

The Versatile Blogger

angelique jurd the versatile blogger awardWell it’s been an interesting morning. Today my first born baby turns 23 – seriously how did that happen? I swear I only looked away for a split second. The temperature was …. reasonable when I went for my 6am walk – translation: I didn’t spend the entire six kilometers whining I wanted to go back to bed. And when I checked Twitter, the lovely Jazmine from Happiness with a side of Tea had nominated me for a versatile blogger award. Please, please check her out – especially if you’re among my younger readers – her blog is great. Cue Sally Field moment – oh you do like me (he’s twentythree today – my insecurities are at an all time high) – and a moment of mild panic when I realise I need to nominate 15 other bloggers. Oh I know 15 other bloggers but they’re like…well, like Jazmine you know….really, really good and I feel sort of well, like a klutz in their company. Mind you, I feel like that most of the time so nothing new there. (more…)

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