Sharing the love: blogging, business, and Bruce

Angelique Jurd, sharing the love

One of the great things about writing and blogging is that it is essential you read. A LOT.  In fact, according to Stephen King: “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” So with that in mind I thought I would start a new […]

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It’s been a long time coming – Part Two

Bruce Springsteen, Mt Smart Stadium, Angelique Jurd

It has happened. Bruce Springsteen has played his two concerts, finally, at Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand. And, if anybody – anybody at all – had told me that March 1 , 2014 would be such an amazing night, I would not have believed them. Had they told me March 2 was going to […]

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My two cents… the cult of … busy

Angelique Jurd

I have this great friend in the United States – Linda – who likes to quote a great friend of hers as saying ‘slow is the new fast’. Generally this gem is pointed in my direction when I am bleating (again) about how ridiculously over committed I am and why it’s driving me crazy. Correction: […]

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