Bashful (Love and Secrets Book 1) by M.A. Innes

Bashful (Love and Secrets Book 1) by M.A. Innes

July 15, 2023 Book Reviews 0

The other day, while drinking coffee, I was thinking that writing is a lot like exercise. If you get out of shape you have to rebuild muscle and fitness in order to get back to the level you’d previously been at. I am currently trying to get in shape – well get fit – so I’m hitting the treadmill, the yoga mat, and a few free weights here and there. I’ve also let my writing muscles lose tone and shape. For them though, rather than the gym equipment and yoga routines, I’m reading, I’m writing, and I’m trying to get back into the habit of non-fiction writing ( I did once used to be a journalist) including reviewing.

I figured the best way to start was with one of my comfort-read authors: M.A. Innes (aka Shaw Montgomery’s alter ego). I adore The Accidental Master series from Innes and Montgomery’s Leashes & Lace, so I figured my come-back (pause for cynical laughter) review would be for Bashful.
Full disclosure, it is suggested that you read the Romance & Revolutions series from Shaw Montgomery first and well…I didn’t. I can be a rebel that way….

Bashful by M.A. Innes

Amazon blurb:

Cutie the Cop has a problem…and it’s not just the nickname his famous and slightly offbeat new friend Austin has given him.

Gideon, aka Cutie the Cop, knows there’s more to life than just going from work to home, but he can’t get past the fears that are holding him back. As a cop with secrets, he knows he can’t share who he is or what he wants with just anyone. But when Austin drags him to a private BDSM club for the first time, he finally has a decision to make…continue to hide or take a chance on falling in love.

Knowing his fated mate is out there somewhere isn’t much consolation for an alpha Daddy who’s never been what most omegas are looking for. However, when a shy submissive is thrust into Jarrett’s arms during an altercation at the club, he knows things have finally turned around…but only if he can convince the small, bashful alpha that he’s worthy of his trust.
Sometimes secrets can drive people apart, but sometimes sharing those secrets is what can bring them together.

Now, if you’re looking for angst and will they/won’t they – this is not the book. If you are looking for feel good, warm fuzzies, lots of caring and lots of consent with a good dose of sweet kink – go now to buy your copy, we’ll wait.

Jarrett is a wonderfully perfect alpha – tall, strong, in charge, and not to be trifled with. He’s something of a control freak (why is that sexy in an imaginary alpha but makes me want to throw hands in real life?), firm and unbothered even when facing unannounced parents, and deliciously gooey with his mate.

This one isn’t the steamiest book I’ve read from Innes (or Montgomery) but nor is it vanilla. The sexy times involve some of the beautiully written sweet kink that most of us associate wth Innes/Montgomery and they don’t disappoint*. This IS an ageplay story featuring ABDL, but while it is a fairly significant feature of the story it’s not the most significant and it is well handled.

The story is character focused and adorable.  While not predictable, it’s easily read and easily mapped and if you are new to Innes/Montgomery this is a great book to start with. I will howeer suggest you read the Romance & Revolutons if only to have a solid knowledge of some of the setting and other characters but I promise you will be able to follow the story without any issues. Having said that, I am still going to be checking out the R & R series.

If you are new to Innes/Montgomery or if, like me, you like your MM Romance with consensual sexy times – what are you waiting for? This is a solid 4 stars and I’m looking forward to Book 2.

Get your copy of Bashful here .



*yeah, yeah I know. None of us are here for the schmexy scenes, we’re here for the characters and the plot. Right. Of course. I happen to like well written schmexy scenes that are a normal continuation of the story – and trust me these are.


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