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Preorder: Hidden Storm (The Road to Rocktoberfest)

Back in April of this year (2023 for future travellers…) I was lucky enough to attend RAREMelbourne*. Whilst there I met the very lovely TL Travis who invited me to join a group project that has run successfully for the past couple of years – The Road to Rocktoberfest. Now, full disclosure TL issued this invitation whilst I was consuming mojitos at the Meet & Greet on the Friday evening. I would like the record…
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July 31, 2023 0

Romance is Not a Dirty Word

I write stories about love. I struggle to call them romances for a couple of reasons. One is that I don’t always hit the markers that make a story a romance – though I hit enough of them and especially the Happy Ever After (HEA) or Happy For Now (HFN) to be considered a romance writer most of the time. The other is the response you get from most people the second they hear the…
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July 13, 2021 0