From my desk to yours, March 21 2021

From my desk to yours, March 21 2021

March 21, 2021 Newsletter 1

It’s a sunny but somewhat cold morning here on the south-east coast of Auckland and coffee is not just sponsoring the good mood today. I’m also updating the website, working on two WiPs, and pretending there are more than 13 weeks until I have to submit my thesis.

So with no further ado, let’s get started:

Blog Update…

On my To-Do list today is to update the blog section of the website – and to regularly keep it updated. At this stage it’s likely to be on Sundays when I send out the newsletter (more about the newsletter shortly) but the goal is to get back to a daily post at some point in the not too distant future. I’d like to install a newsletter archive on there as well for those people who prefer to visit a website rather than recieve a newsletter. I just have to figure out how to do that…

You can visit the blog here.

Signed copies update…

For some weird, not to mention infuriating, reason I’ve had several book orders held up in customs for months. Everyone is blaming The Pandemic – which is probably true but hardly helpful. However, I have had notification that at least one box has been released and should be with me this week. So that’s something I suppose. The problem is I have no idea which books are in what boxes….but I will tuck a little something into the books when I can finally release them from my end. It’s stuff like this that makes me add whiskey to my coffee!

Current works in progress…

Weddings & Wishes (Holiday Storybook Novella 5) – I’m hopeful that Weddings & Wishes will be with you very soon. A very important wedding is taking place in Edelweiss Grove and so far things are off to a rocky start… Not only have both Rorik and Boden hired wedding planners for their wedding, the planners in question have a history. Rorik has hired an Elf named Frederick who is thrilled to have been chosen to plan the Grand Holder’s event. He’s not so thrilled to discover that Boden has hired Water Nymph, Valentino to do the same job. The two planners used to work and play together – until Valentino had bowed to family pressure and left Frederick to marry another Water Nymph. The pair have managed to avoid each other until now… what could possibly go wrong?

Pet Me (The Toye Shoppe Book 1) – Painfully shy and very lonely, Bailey Richards knows too well what it is to barely survive on a low income. Apart from his job and helping his elderly landlord, he doesn’t get out much. His one extravagance is his phone which allows him to get online and at least dream about a life he knows he can’t have. More than anything he wants to feel beautiful, special, and loved.
Until recently, Sam Thurston was a builder. When back pain finally drove him to look for some other type of work, he did what any sane person does and bought a sex toy shop. Unknown to him, along with the awful name of Pleasure Palace, the struggling business comes with a rag tag group of regulars and an intriguing young man who appears once or twice a week to look at the same object. He never buys anything. He never speaks to anyone. And Sam can’t get him out of his mind.

Pet Me is the first book in a brand new series featuring different couples and set against the backdrop of a sex toy store. It will be a slightly higher steam level than my usual books and features an age-gap, hurt/comfort – and a very sweet young man with a very specific kink. It is due for release late April/early May 2021.

Coming from other authors…

Everything, Always from JJ Harper: Age gap, Office romance, Low angst/feel good.
The boss and his PA, but so much more than an office romance. Gray Tremaine was looking forward to the challenge of turning his newly acquired business around. What he hadn’t expected was his PA: Atticus Bennett, with his high cheekbones, pale pink nail polish, and the most kissable lip-glossed mouth. The moment Atticus walked into his office, Gray wanted him. But how could he concentrate when Atticus screamed “boy” to him? Atticus knew he was in trouble the moment he locked eyes with his new boss. Gray Tremaine was Atticus’s perfect Daddy. But Gray would never be interested in someone like him, too young, too inexperienced, not as sophisticated as Gray. And even if he was, it was never a good idea to mix professional and personal lives. But all it took was one sentence, and Atticus was his. This is a gay romance with lots of sweetness, sass, lingerie and lip gloss, as well as some man-on-man action. Suitable for ages 18 and over. Age gap, office romance, low angst/feel good Everything, Always is the sequel to Anything, Anytime and the second book in the Always series. This book is based in the UK and is written in British English. 75k words.

Preorder Link:

JJ Harper Everything Always

A Special Kind of Perfect from HM Wolfe: Hurt/comfort

What happens when they meet their soulmate, but they cannot be together? Peyton has a wonderful life but lives with a secret that they believe would turn many people against them if it was revealed. When a new boy arrives, Peyton’s gains a friend. This friend has secrets of his own, but he brings with him several people who become important to Peyton, including their soulmate. Ezra has lived through hell. Taken in by two amazing people who help him to recover and recuperate, he can’t help but wish that would be his life from them on, especially when he meets Peyton. Peyton is a breath of fresh air and they quickly become close, making plans for their future. But when old enemies come knocking, Ezra and Peyton are in their path. Will their enemies tear them apart or can true love prevail?

Preorder Link:


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