Sunday Update

Not so lazy Sunday afternoon…

Wine glass with white wine on a desk with black headphones and an open book. Book is face down and titled Theorizing Fandoms I am writing this at my desk with a glass of wine while I attempt to get things marked off my To Do list. I may, or may not , be in a mild state of panic over how close to June 21 we are (at time of writing 12 weeks, give or take a day or two) . It seems the more I try to get on top of things at the moment, the further behind I become – or at least feel.

Anyhoo….in case you haven’t noticed, I have just added a new section to the site: News.  I’ve kicked it off with an exciting announcement….

I’m still trying to figure out how to add my non-fiction/academic work here without having to completely overhaul the site. While my squirrel mind would love nothing more to play in website design as a way to avoid important things like WiPs and The Thesis  (cue tension music) I really think that particular job would serve better as a distraction while I wait for grades.

Apart from that, there’s little else to report this week. Blanket was delivered to Ms 20 safely  – but crochet continues. Who knows – I may even share some of the projects.

For now though I need to return to the dratted To Do list….



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