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From my desk to yours, March 28 2021

I’m currently sitting at my desk, ticking things off my ridiculously long To Do list with the assistance of wine. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do that dratted list just keeps getting longer.

It’s been a bit of a messy week this end. There are just 12 weeks left until I submit my Masters thesis (the real reason for the glass of wine…), not to mention working on three new books. Everything is currently underpinned with a very unsettling sense that the spinning plates may tumble at any moment…


I am really thrilled to be able to announce that last week I signed contracts with for , , and . You may remember that I worked with QE for the Italian version of – I am thrilled to be working with them again.

I will be adding an ‘international’ tab to the website just as soon as I find five spare minutes. I’m also currently looking into the possibilities of German and French translations – so stay tuned.

Speaking of website updates – there are a couple of new things over there too. A ‘Latest News’ tab along with a ‘Coming Up’ tab are now live. Latest News is well…latest news (funny that) while the Coming Up tab will give pre-order and new release information and dates as well as any promotional ‘events’ I’m either involved with or holding. Which brings me to….

Coming up….

I will be taking part in several ‘author take-overs’ on Facebook over the next few weeks. You can find all the details – and if you click each event header you’ll get any further details (if they have been recieved). For March and April these include:

CF White’s Leap of Faith – Release Party

KC Wells’ Finn’s Fantasy – Release Party

In the Eye of the Storm – Release Party J R Loveless Love and Snowballs – Re-release Party

Details are on the website and the list will be updated as I get details to hand.

From other authors…

Everything, Always from JJ Harper: Age gap, Office romance, Low angst/feel good. OUT NOW. Get your copy or by clicking the image:

JJ Harper Everything Always
caption for image

Pinot & Pineapple Lumps (Southern Lights 4) from Jay Hogan: OUT NOW. Get your copy or by clicking the image below

Pinot & Pineapple Lumps Jay Hogan
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Off The Pitch – The Complete Collection from Charlie Novak

Follow the men of London’s Greenwich Athletic Football Club as they navigate heartache on and off the pitch and find their happily ever afters in this low-angst, sports romance box set.This box set features all three original novels, plus four short stories, including the brand new short, Full Time.

$4.99 until 1st April.It’s full of sweetness, steam, plus:second chance romance between former teenage sweethearts – forced proximity – friends to lovers – age gap – hookups to lovers – close firends who’d do anything for each other – gay, bi, pan, and demi representation. Get your copy here.

The entire off the pitch collection now available in one bundle by Charlie Novak
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AUTHORS AND AUTHOR P.A.s – if you’d like to be included in the newsletter, drop me an email .

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