From my desk to yours: April 18, 2021

From my desk to yours: April 18, 2021

April 18, 2021 Newsletter 0

Gosh it’s good to be home again. After ten days with my mum, I am now in catch up mode as I face nine weeks of complete and utter insanity. Visits with doctors, thesis submission, three books to finish and release, and most importantly of all my first born kiddo is getting married in two weeks – and apparently the mother of the groom is expected to be sort of normal. I don’t know gang, maybe he should hire a stand-in.

I’m surviving mostly on pizza, coffee, and sheer bloody mindedness at this stage. I’d really love to add a yoga routine to the insanity and if anyone knows of a good one I can find online, please flick me an email .

I’d like to start including other sites – especially ones that might interest writers and readers from next week’s email – so if you have a website or a newsletter that you think might be of interest don’t hesitate to send me the details. There is absolutely no cost – and doesn’t have to be writing and reading focused but does need to be yours rather than a link to the mass produced cheap sunglass store….

Hopefully your world is a little calmer and quieter than mine is at the moment.

Works in progress….

Weddings & Wishes (Holiday Storybook Novellas 5)

This project came to a grinding halt not once but twice – and the second time with a mere six thousand words to go until the end. However, I’m thrilled to report that it has just come back from the beta readers and is back on track for release this month. I can’t wait for you to meet Freddie and Valentino!

Peaceful Seas (San Cap 8)

Ben and Alex are doing what they always do – providing me with a nice, easy writing time. Writing their story is always enjoyable – even when the story gets sad (not that Peaceful Seas is sad… everyone please calm down) – and I know these boys so well now that I can pretty much write about them in my sleep.

Pet Me (Toye Shoppe 1)

Okay – this is the ‘sh*t just got real’ book. The story is coming along nicely, tentative teasers are showing a lot of interest from potential readers, both regular and new, the cover is gorgeous. I, of course, am now freaking out! We have a tentative release date that I will announce next week once I have spoken with some folks who are much, much better at marketing than I am and know when they can fit me in.

Thesis – The Significance of Dean Winchester in MM fanfiction and contemporary independent MM Romance fiction.

Let’s not talk about that one, okay? Actually no…. do you read fanfiction? Do you write MM romance and got your start in fanfic? Are you a Supernatural fan who reads/writes fanfic and/or MM Romance – if so I really want to hear from you – so please ping me on Facebook or drop me an email.

Coming up….

I will be taking part in several ‘author take-overs’ on Facebook over the next few weeks. You can find all the details here – and if you click each event header you’ll get any further details (if they have been recieved). Coming up these include:

Jaxon Knight The Trouble with Order – Launch Party
Joe Satoria Mr Nice Guy – Release Party

Details are on the website and the list will be updated as I get details to hand. Hopefully I’ll see you at one of the parties.

From other authors…

Asher’s Fire from Shelby Rhodes

As a phoenix, Asher is doomed to live losing those around him and then slowly have his memories ripped from him, sometimes by the fates themselves. Yet he foolishly still fell in love. His latest was more hopeless than the last. Maybe even more so as the only emotion he received from Kaiden was anger.

Kaiden Voltair would admit he was struggling to move past the death of his son. He knew he needed to let go of the pain and guilt, he just didn’t know how. What he did know was he had to stop lashing out at the very person who had pulled him from his deepest despair. Asher deserved better.

Summoned by the Phoenix Council, Asher and Kaiden go on an adventure into the Third Realm. There Kaiden discovers all that he’d been overlooking. A battle follows, a grave is robbed, a secret crush is discovered, along with a lot of questionable behavior in between, but finally, Asher grabs hold of what he always wanted—Kaiden’s heart. Pre-order your copy here or by clicking the image below:

Across the Sapphire Sea from Lee Colgin

Love at first… death. “Do it. Kill him for me. Take me with you.” Elias—plucked from indentured servitude at nineteen and turned to vampire—is caught in a spiraling relationship with his possessive sire. Valeri—a damaged soul who guards his secrets and his fledgling alike—balances on a fine line between good and evil. In a race to save one of their own from a deadly sickness, Valeri and Elias lead an unlikely team on a dangerous voyage to pry secrets from an ancient group of vampires. But these vampires are hidden for a reason, and they’ve been known to kill trespassers. The closer the team comes to discovering the truth, the wider the rift between Elias and Valeri grows—until Elias doubts the relationship can be saved. Will they find a cure in time? Can Elias and Valeri make it to other side together, or will the ancient’s secrets shatter their bond forever? Get your copy here or click the image below:

Yes Captain Ann Grech

Press One for Fake Boyfriend from Joe Satoria

Worlds collide when Wyatt hires Kane to be his fake boyfriend. Wyatt Scott is a highly strung pastry chef who owns a patisserie with dreams of expansion. He always gets what he wants, the exception being a boyfriend. Kane Dixon is an easy-going creative soul who moonlights as an escort. He’s saving to open a pottery studio and continue to make phallic statues. Coming together for a three-day weekend, Wyatt finds comfort in Kane’s relaxed hands, and Kane finds his dreams waking in Wyatt’s passion and ambition. There’s just one problem. Kane is an escort; he can’t fall in love with his employer. Get your copy here or by clicking the image below:

Press One for Fake Boyfriend from Joe Satoria

Loving Sanctuary from Susi Hawke

Sanctuary B & B—Our wards are strong and our door is open! Magical Mischief at the B&B Book 2.
Hey, y’all. It’s me, Darcy Valentine. As you might know, my life changed three months ago when I met my sexy vampire boyfriend Storm. He and his twin sister sought protection at the B&B I run inside the warded walls of the quirky, ancestral castle I call home with the rest of the special family my mama and I have built with the motley group of weirdos who live here. Since then, we’ve been on a never-ending first date and life is glorious. Just don’t ask about my bossy mama and Storm’s sister—I prefer not to think of stuff that isn’t my business. Things are getting better and while the world isn’t quite back to normal, we’re working on it. Thanks to the brand-new laws banning the violation of mortals, I can even risk leaving the castle. Maybe.
We have a big garden here but after three years, a little variety would be amazing, y’all. The farmer’s market is open again and I’m willing to chance a trip if it means fresh greens. A banana would be nice, and pineapple that didn’t come from a can. Oh! And barbequed and smoked meat. Yes, please… to all the above. If I take enough weapons, I should be fine for a quick trip. Except I can’t plan for the Cupid who causes a disruption. Or how rescuing him might cause unexpected side effects for everyone. Did you know a Cupid’s emotions have a rippling effect? Or that pheromones combined with a Cupid’s joy leaves anyone in the vicinity feeling friskier than a cat in heat? And don’t get me started on the ridiculous amounts of PDA. I’ll have to fix everything. But first… I might have to sneak in some alone time with my boyfriend. Preorder your copy here or by clicking the image below:

Loving Sanctuary by Susi Hawke

AUTHORS AND AUTHOR P.A.s – if you’d like to be included in the newsletter, drop me an email here.

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