In The Eye of the Storm by H.M. Wolfe

In The Eye of the Storm by H.M. Wolfe

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From H.M. Wolfe, comes the first in the Full Circle Series: In The Eye of the Storm.

Fabian Bloom is happier than ever, surrounded by the affection and respect of those he holds dear and having the love of his husband Lance.

What happens when the ghosts of his dark, distant past resurface, threatening to destroy his newfound peace?

Will he able to stand up and fight, or will the whirlwind suck him in?


Happily married with the affection and respect of those he holds dear, Fabian Bloom finally finds inner peace. However, fresh nightmares about his horrific past start to plague the man’s sleep, shadowing his newfound happiness and worrying the one he loves. A trip to his cabin in Montana offers the opportunity for the couple to relax and enjoy the solitude of the place.

After reuniting with his two sons, marrying the man he had loved for eleven years and watching his young protegees blooming into strong young men, Lance Hansen has everything he ever wished for. When his husband’s past is revealed in all its darkness and horror, the man is completely unprepared, and their world begins to crumble.

Will the two men be able to face the ghosts that threaten to destroy everything they love and fight so hard for? Or will they end up sucked into a whirlwind that will rip them apart forever?

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