Yes, Captain by Ann Grech

Yes, Captain by Ann Grech

April 14, 2021 Out now from other authors 0

The fabulous Ann Grech from Australia has just re-released her MM Romance novel Yes, Captain. Ann is a beautiful writer whose books are impossible to put down. If you’ve read Yes, Captain don’t miss out on the extra content in this expanded version of the book. If you haven’t read it yet, add it to your shelf (cyber or physical) now.

 A cruise ship captain with an unbreakable rule. A dancer who tempts him to toss the rulebook overboard…
Will Preston lives by one edict: don’t date staff.
But the new dancer onboard has the silver fox sailing into unchartered waters. Young, sexy, and with a penchant for lipstick and heels, the man pushes all Will’s buttons.
It’s not just the tropical sun that’s heating things up; their chemistry is sizzling.
Will’s been burned before. Can he throw caution to the wind and chart a new course with Eddie by his side? Or will an interfering crew-member steer them into stormy seas?
Yes, Captain is a stand-alone, steamy age-gap MM romance set on a cruise ship in the South Pacific, with a flirty dancer who loves pole dancing and his shy captain. Yes, Captain was previously published as Dance With Me. This re-release includes over 30,000 words of never-before-seen bonus content.

Buy now from Amazon.

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