Author: Angelique Jurd

When authors behave badly…

Over the past few months there have been several posts, on varying social media platforms, calling out ‘Bad Author Behavior’ (let’s call it BAB for brevity). Most of these have been directed at indie authors and most have been justified. While most authors don’t behave badly (or at least we try our best to behave well) there’s always someone, right? Someone who just can’t help themselves and for whatever reason, thinks this sort of b/s…
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July 26, 2023 0

Bashful (Love and Secrets Book 1) by M.A. Innes

The other day, while drinking coffee, I was thinking that writing is a lot like exercise. If you get out of shape you have to rebuild muscle and fitness in order to get back to the level you’d previously been at. I am currently trying to get in shape – well get fit – so I’m hitting the treadmill, the yoga mat, and a few free weights here and there. I’ve also let my writing…
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July 15, 2023 0

An open – and honest – letter to my readers

I am one of those people who overthinks everything. And I do mean everything. I mean…is it overthinks or overthink (does it agree with the one or the people…I’m a writer, I should know this shit, right?) In fact I will take this one step further: this is the fourth or fifth time I’ve started this post because the annoying little hamster that runs the wheel in my brain keeps freaking out, squeaking, and falling…
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July 6, 2023 0

The Return for Refund problem is a reader issue too

A week after my first blog post about the Return for Refund problem, it’s still front and center as an issue for many writers… and readers. Because the truth is, this isn’t just a problem for those of behind the keyboard. It concerns those behind the screens too – or at least it should. The longer this remains unresolved, the bigger the problem for both groups. If you’re not sure what the issue is, I…
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March 31, 2022 1

The Return for Refund problem

Returning a book  for a refund after you’ve read it, because you didn’t like it is a problem that is currently under the spotlight in social media.  The debate happening in book circles  is pitting readers and authors against one another. For the main part it’s taking place on TikTok but it can also be found on Facebook and Twitter and in blogs – and it’s not a new problem. It wasn’t that long ago…
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March 25, 2022 1