Author: Angelique Jurd

A comedy of errors… so many errors

I screwed up. Not the ‘oh man, the world is going to end’ kind of screw up, thankfully. More of the ‘oh man, I am such an idiot’ and the ‘my brand is going to take such a beating’ kind of screw up. Let me explain… I have had this idea for a book called The Toye Shoppe for years.The book idea grew into a series idea and eventually I came up with an idea…
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July 7, 2021 0

What do you mean you’re leaving KU? aka How will I read your books?

Over the coming three months, I will be removing my books for Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited (KU) and I have had some readers tell me they will no longer be able to read my books. I’ve had some authors question my sanity. And I’ve had some moments when I’ve wondered if  shouldn’t just quit writing entirely.  The truth is this wasn’t a decision I took lightly – and it’s one I’ve been considering for several months.…
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June 27, 2021 1

From my desk to yours: May 9, 2021

  Well it’s a drizzly Monday morning here in New Zealand and while I do have coffee, I sadly do not have cake. That garden variety head cold I was battling last week is still hanging around and kicking my ass. I’ve spent most of the past ten days curled up in a blanket with hot blackcurrent tea and bad television. While I’m still not 100%, I am a lot better this morning so have…
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May 10, 2021 0

From my desk to yours: May 2, 2021

Yes I know, I’m hitting your screen a little late. In my defense, my eldest son got married on Saturday so I have been a little distracted. If you are a member of my FB reader group, Cocktails and Denim, there are some lovely photos of the day. After a fairytale day, during which I seemed to spend my time alternating between bursting with pride for all three offspring (my other son was best man, and…
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May 2, 2021 0

From my desk to yours April 25,2021

​ It’s ANZAC day in my corner of the world. A day when we remember the Australia & New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) soldiers who fought at Gallipoli – and subsequently those soldiers who have been sent to other wars throughout the years – and the many who didn’t come home.From small areas around New Zealand young men were sent to the other side of the world to fight. Two young men from my partener’s…
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April 25, 2021 0